walking dead rick grimes hatchet prop
Walking Dead Rick Grime's Hatchet
Rick Grimes Hatchet - The Walkng Dead - IN STOCK NOW

Rick Grimes Hatchet - The Walkng Dead - IN STOCK NOW

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Rick always has his trusty hatchet among is arsenal.  Great for that silent zombie kill.  No zombie hunt would be complete without this Officially AMC licensed - The Walking Dead - Rick Grimes hatchet prop replica.

This Hatchet is made from top quality Polyurethane foam, giving it the most realistic screen used look and feel.

The amazing finish on this Hatchet looks like real stainless steel with a true wood finished hilt! You will swear that this was the original screen used machete held by the most famous Walker Killer around, Rick Grimes.


If you'd like to make sure you get yours for this Halloween Season before they sell out - you may purchase it now and it'll ship to you later August or early September.