Swinging Skeleton Boy

Swinging Skeleton Boy

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Swinging Skeletal Boy Animated Prop
Everyone will be afraid to come up to your house with the Swinging Skeletal Boy around!

This creepy prop features a Victorian-era skeletal boy with hollowed out eyes that glow an other-worldly blue, and speaks haunting phrases to all passersby as his head turns side-to-side while he swings back and forth on his swing. Your haunted house will never be the same with the Swinging Skeletal Boy! Animation: Eyes glow blue, Head turns side-to-side, Swings back and forth on swing.

Activation options: Steady-on, Infra-red sensor (works up to 6.5' feet away & works in all lighting conditions), Step-here pad (included). Power: UL power adapter that plugs into any standard outlet. Materials: Polyester, PVC, sponge, plastic, hemp rope, electronics. Assembly required.

**Over all fixed height: 62"; Max fixed width right to left: 16"; Widest animation right to left: 48-50"; Depth front to back: 18"


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